Reveal: Superheroes & Puppy Dogs, 2 Big Boy Rooms

Design Reveal - superheroes and puppy dogs.png


Guys, I really cannot even begin to tell you how much fun these two rooms were to design. These rooms were for two brothers, ages 7 and 3, who have been sharing a room since the very beginning. Needless to say the older of the two was desperate for his own space. So what did they get? Their own floor! Seriously. They have a 3rd floor all to themselves, complete with their bedrooms, a full bathroom and a bonus room for arts/crafts, play, reading and homework. We completed the designs for the boys’ bedrooms and the bonus room was an e-design project.

These rooms previously were a guest room and storage space, and overall very bland. I had before photos but alas, my phone decided to eras all of my photos. The older for the brothers knew exactly what he wanted: a super hero theme and colors red and white and blue. For the younger kiddo, we took inspiration from the artwork they had in the boys’ old room and his love for their dog, Blue. Without further delay, enjoy the below photos!

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