How can we help?

Our secret mom power is actively listening to you: your struggles, your wants and your family’s needs. We interpret your words into a design that will satisfy all parts of your life, leaving you as one happy Momma, with a beautifully functional & happy home.

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Full Service

For those wanting the entire package. Our full service design is available in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This service includes a consultation, design boards, purchase + delivery management, full installation and styling.

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For those looking for help with an overall aesthetic but who want to get their hands dirty and be a part of the action. E-design is available throughout the United States. We will handle the room design and layout, provide you with all the tools necessary to implement the design and you get to have fun pulling it together, at your own pace!

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Gender Reveal

Congratulations, you’re expecting! Available in both full service design and e-design, depending on your location. Elevate your gender reveal party with a nursery reveal as well. Share more than just the moment of “It’s a ___!” and have that excitement linger while your family gushes over every little detail of your soon to be dream nursery.

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Personal Shopper

You know what you love but struggle when it comes to putting anything together. You’re a busy Mom, you don’t have time to spend hours shopping for the perfect rug, bedding, or just refreshing those pillows. Well Momma, I have you covered!

For so long, I have tried to visualize what our nursery would look like. I had the hardest time picturing anything at all. When you struggle to conceive for so long, things like a nursery can seem so foreign... We had the room pretty much completed by my second trimester and I’m glad we did. I now get to enjoy this room before the baby comes. It’s my happy place....Thank you for this beautiful gift. Words can not express our gratitude.